Intensive Therapy Retreat

June 3-6, 2021

Customized for You

Personalized Healing 

Intensive 1-to-1 Sessions

Brainspotting Therapy

Group Support

Process with Others

Mindfulness Activities

Tools You will continue to Use

Waterside Women
Attentive Therapist

About Intensive Therapy Retreat

Loving Life intensive therapy retreat provides an opportunity to address trauma and/or emotional pain in a safe and supportive environment. The process is confidential, non-judgmental and facilitated by professional clinicians. Our team has extensive history working with clients living with anxiety, depression, emotional pain and unresolved trauma.

Over the four-day period of the retreat, participants are given the opportunity to address the effects trauma and/or emotional pain has had on their life. You will join others struggling with similar experiences. The retreat process includes a wide variety of programs that allow you to meet with small groups of other peer clients, receive individual and group counseling, and participate in a deep healing process while learning educational tools.

Through this process you will learn and practice new skills necessary to continue in your line of work with a solid foundation and a toolbox full of resources. The intensive retreat immerses you in the healing work that will move you beyond the emotional pain and into a more balanced life.

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